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MGC is an exceptionally diverse business which means we need an equally varied range of skills in our people. Whether you’re a Digital Communications Specialist, a Tutor, Key Worker, or a Business Development Advisor here at MGC you will have the opportunity to thrive in your chosen field. Our business is continually growing and we need talented people to help us further our success story. If you have the commitment, drive and passion we’re looking for then you too can be part of that story.

Building on Success

Although we are primarily focused in and around Manchester we also deliver services across the UK and overseas. Employing some 1,200 people and with a turnover of c£100m, MGC is probably bigger than you think.  Our activities are wide ranging and high impacting. We make a real difference to the prosperity of the Greater Manchester region and the lives of thousands, from promoting the city worldwide, enabling business growth, helping people get back into the workplace, or providing skills training and qualifications. All profits from our business activities are reinvested back into the company and the city. 

Find out more about our recent achievements by clicking on the images below.

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